How to measure the treadmill running belt?

The treadmill running belt is a wear component that stretches and deteriorates over time.
Does yours already have small folds or cracks? Are small threads already appearing on the sides? ATTENTION! It’s time to make your replacement. Find the running belts we offer.
Usually the instruction manual mentions the measurements of the running surface area, but in fact, we are not talking about the measurement of the running belt itself.

This article presents you with 3 options to take the measurements correctly so that you can order your running belt from us.

Option 1

Look for a wire that is thin enough so that it can pass between the rollers. (Attention: the wire cannot have any elasticity, as there is a risk that the measurements are not the real ones).

Place one end of the wire on the side of the running belt and start the measurement from the front roller and run the length of the running belt. Try to keep this wire as close to the surface of the running belt as possible. Once this process is complete, extend the wire on the floor and with the help of a meter/tape measure just take the measurement. (Length x Width)

Option 2

If the running belt is damaged and needs to be replaced, one of the other options, and the simplest, is to cut the running belt. With a cutting instrument, make the cut as straight as possible across the entire width of the running belt. After that, lay it out on the floor and pull out the necessary measures. (Length x Width).

Option 3

You’ll need a marker as you’ll need to make appointments. With the marker make a small mark on the running belt. This mark will be the starting point for finding the final measurement (total length). With the measuring tape placed on this mark, pull the running belt, as if it were in progress, until it reaches 1 meter. Repeat the procedure until you find the starting mark. Then just add up the measurements. (Length x Width).

If you do not feel comfortable performing any of these processes, it is best to contact a specialized technician, who in the comfort of your home, will perform this task for you. By hiring this technician, and after the running belt has been on it’s place, he will carry out all the necessary maintenance so that your treadmill has a longer duration. You can always contact our Technical Assistance.


Before starting this whole process, check the tuning of the treadmill. If you need to perform any tuning, here’s how it’s done.

You can find our running belts divided into three width ranges: Between 30 and 40 cm; Between 40 and 50 cm; Between 50 and 60 cm;

Also check the condition of the deck, as it may be in need of replacement.

At Technologic Ark you will find quality products at competitive prices.

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