About Us

Technologic Ark is a technology company. It works in three areas:

  • Fitness
  • Events & Advertising
  • Industry

It develops its work in the specificities of electricity, electronics, mechanics, structural and informatics, always with the commitment to offer its customers a high level of quality and satisfaction at all times when the service is provided.

Our approach is multi-brand, with a highly specialized service prepared to solve and repair the various equipment.

There are three words that define the company: Professionalism, Quality and Versatility.

Technical Assistance

In this aspect, our specialty is fitness. In other words, our technicians are specialized in this area, which allows them to have an assertive and fast response capacity.

Our assistance starts the moment the customer contacts us. In dialogue with our clients, we develop solutions and plan processes that meet the particularity of each situation.

Our technicians are always available for our customers. We communicate responsibly, clearly and transparently, because this is the only way to achieve solutions that are appropriate to the needs that guarantee safe processes.

Corrective maintenance is a reality available to customers who want to recover and maintain their equipment.

Through service programs with or without maintenance contracts, we provide our customers with preventive maintenance.

Project construction

We build projects designed by clients or by our creative department, in various areas, such as electronics, IT, automation, mechatronics (…).

In this sense, our specialty focuses on the construction of technological products (Lcd, Led, wired or wireless data transmission, projection, lighting, sound, fiber optics…).

We work comprehensively and in partnership with our customers, we adapt at all possible angles in order to enhance the desired product. To this end, we define strategies and work tools tailored to each client, since each company (client) has specific needs.

Our customers can also count on the full support of our creative and technical departments throughout the entire process, as well as consulting and after-sales repair support.

We are a responsible, professional and motivated team, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction.


Sale of parts and components

At Technologic Ark we sell parts and components for various market areas.

In this aspect, our specialty is parts and components for the fitness area (professional and domestic line). For example, electrical and electronic components, mechanical, bodybuilding components and accessories, lighting, sound and light, …

Fitness is a specific and very challenging area, especially when it comes to electrical and electronic parts and components. In this sense, in this area it is not enough to have a comprehensive knowledge of the equipment.

It is important to know in depth the typologies and ways of working of the equipment, since there are several brands and models on the market and each of them has its own specificity.

To respond to this challenge, we present a company with multi-brand products, with a team knowledgeable about the products and equipment on the market, with the ability to respond quickly and effectively to your requests.

Technologic Ark Values

Commitment to the customer




We want to be recognized as the right company to solve your problem.


Offer quality solutions, always listening to the customer.

At Technologic Ark you will find quality products certainly at competitive prices.

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