Maintenance of your treadmill – Protect your equipment with tips from our expert technicians.

Good maintenance on your treadmill can solve small problems, maintain the quality of the exercises and extend the life of your equipment. In the following paragraphs you will learn: how to clean, tune and lubricate your equipment so that you can enjoy your treadmill for longer.

It is very important to understand that a treadmill in effort, heats up too much, and with that can damage the motor, the controller board, the running belt or other components. You can read an article to help Increase the durability of your treadmill.


The equipment should be cleaned daily if it is used that regularly, or a little less frequently if it is used occasionally. The important thing is that it does not accumulate dust or any other type of dirt, because when the equipment is in operation this dirt ends up concentrating on the motor and sensitive parts, such as the controller board. Another villain is sweat, which is quite corrosive and wears down the paint and protection of any equipment.

After using your equipment, use a soft cloth slightly dampened with water to remove any type of dust, dirt and sweat from the surface of the platform, as well as from the sides of the support and console, always avoiding getting the electronics wet.

Every 6 months it is advisable to remove the cover of the treadmill, and vacuum the debris accumulated near the motor and the controller board. First of all, don’t forget to carry out this task with the treadmill completely switched off. If you have any questions, please refer to the manual or contact the treadmill supplier.

We remind you that it is worth hiring a technician to do periodic maintenance, which can be semi-annual or annual, depending on the frequency of use of the equipment. In this way, the lubrication will be checked, a professional cleaning will be carried out (disassembling, removing the running belt and cleaning internal parts) and if necessary he will adjust the running belt and make the necessary adjustment. For more intensive uses such as a gym, studio, hotel or others, we recommend a monthly preventive maintenance periodicity.


Make sure that the running belt is in good condition, without tears, without small creases and well centered with the sides of the treadmill. If it is in poor condition, it is best to buy a new running belt. You can find the running belt we have on our website. In case it’s just out of tune, we’ll help you out.

How to do it?

If the running belt is moved to the left, use the wrench to turn the left screw of the tensioner roller 1/4 turn clockwise; Similarly, if the running belt has moved to the right, turn the right screw of the tensioning roller 1/4 turn clockwise. Be careful not to stretch it too far. Then, plug in the power cord, and start the treadmill for a few minutes. Repeat the procedures until the running belt is centered, thus ensuring good maintenance of your treadmill.


One of the components of treadmills that suffers a great deal of wear and tear over time is the board or deck. This surface, where the running belt rotates can break or become worn on the face facing up. The moment you notice any of these symptoms, it is safer to change the treadmill deck. Find the treadmill deck we offer.
To find out if the treadmill deck is not broken, it will be enough to do a visual analysis on the face down and check that there are no cracks or other visible damage.
To know the state of wear of the treadmill deck, it will be enough to make a visual analysis on the face facing up and check that the coating is not rough, remaining smooth.


Lubricate with what? With silicone oil suitable for treadmills. Usually the equipment comes with a small sample, and is sold in fitness equipment stores and on the internet. When laying it, be careful not to overdo it, as too much can soak the running belt, as well as damage it to the point of requiring an early replacement. Excess silicone can also get into the motor and/or controller board, causing even greater damage. Complex? No, it’s very easy and fast!

So, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Raise the running belt a little on one side;
  • Place the lubricant under the running belt;
  • Press the spray/bottle a little and drag forming a line;
  • In the same way, repeat the procedure on the other side;
  • Turn on the treadmill and let it run slowly for 5 minutes.


Remember that lubrication is very important, but too much can cause more damage than too little!

Warning: Some models of treadmills should not be lubricated, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. On these models, this information is detailed in the user manuals.

We’ve included a quick guide that you can print out and place next to your treadmill so you don’t forget these simple steps.

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