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Electric treadmill motor 180V / 10cm Electric treadmill motor 180V / 10cm
Treadmill safety key Treadmill safety key
18.50 30.00 
Electric treadmill motor 130V / 8cm Electric treadmill motor 130V / 8cm
Magnetic Speed Sensor Magnetic Speed Sensor
Optical Speed Sensor Optical Speed Sensor
Used Speed Motor
60.00 100.00 
Incline Motors
60.00 380.00 
Thermal switch
15.00 40.00 
XH 2.54 Plugs
0.20 0.25 
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In this article we intend to address the theme of fitness treadmills, not from the point of view of the physical exercise that is assumed, but from the perspective of the machine that it is.

Being in good physical shape, that is, “being fit”, is something that many of us strive for on a daily basis in order to achieve and maintain a good physical and mental condition.

Do you have a broken treadmill? Is it making a strange noise? We’ve got you covered!