How to take the measurements of the deck of your treadmill?

The treadmill deck, like the running belt, is a wear and tear component that deteriorates with use and the passage of time.
When you run on your treadmill, do you feel any discomfort in your stride? Do you eventually feel that the deck makes any noise?


Check out it’s status now. It may be time to make the replacement. Find our decks here.
In the following article, see how simple a process it is to get your treadmill deck measurements.

The simplest option is to remove the damaged deck and place it on a flat surface. Then just follow the marks that are in the following image.

What, then, are the necessary measures to be taken?

  • A – Overall length;
  • B – Overall width;
  • C – Thickness;
  • D,E,F,L – Cutouts on the board;
  • G,H,I – Distance of the holes from the base of the deck;
  • J – Distance of the holes from the sides;
  • K – Diameter of the holes.

Measuring length and width is easy to perform with a tape measure, however for thickness a more accurate measurement is required. In terms of thickness, there are not all measurements, but some standard measurements. When choosing the most suitable size for your treadmill, our advice is that the running belt works with a distance from the deck between 1 to 3 mm, that is, if the running belt is too close to the deck, it will be constantly “rubbing” against the deck, increasing the wear and friction of the treadmill; If it is too far away, there will be an empty space and when walking on the running belt the user will feel “pulled” which becomes uncomfortable.

If you still don’t feel comfortable removing these measurements, you can always contact and/or send the deck to a specialized company such as Technologic Ark.


When changing the deck, also look at the condition of the running belt as it may have been damaged.

Don’t forget to maintain the equipment. You can read more about Maintaining your treadmill.
We remind you that preventive maintenance of your treadmill can solve small problems, maintain the quality of the exercise and extend the durability of your equipment.

Don’t forget that keeping equipment in good condition is half the battle to perform physical exercise properly, thus contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

At Technologic Ark you will find quality products at competitive prices.

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