Home treadmill repair service.

Do you have a broken treadmill? Don’t walk? The console works, but the running belt won’t move? When you turn it on, does the circuit breaker turn off? Is it making a strange noise? Does an error message occasionally appear on the console?

Does the treadmill lose “strength” when you get on the running belt? Does the speed seem to be lower than usual? Does the motor stop after some time of use? Unexpectedly, does the speed changes without anyone having changed it?

Does the running belt have small folds or cracks? Are small threads already appearing on the sides? Has it therefore torn or deformed? Is no longer centered on the treadmill?

Did the treadmill deck break or come loose? Does the treadmill deck feel loose or too malleable? Has the running surface become concave?

Elevation doesn’t work? Has the treadmill incline and now it no longer returns to the starting point? When the treadmill was lifting, did you notice a burning smell, as well as see some smoke?

Have you read the instruction manual and found no solution to the problem? Did you contact the brand of the treadmill and they informed you that it was an obsolete piece of equipment? Did you talk to the company where you bought it and they told you they no longer had replacement parts?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that are asked to our technicians. Some are easy/cheap to fix; others are more complicated and it is sometimes necessary to consider whether the repair is worth it; Some are even impossible to solve, as the necessary materials are nowhere to be found.

Don’t worry! We have a home treadmill repair service.

We help you practice physical exercise in the comfort of your home or gym! So contact us and we will try to find a solution for your treadmill. However, we advise you to carry out some tests before contacting us, as sometimes it can be something simple and that you will be able to solve without difficulty. In this sense, the tests we recommend are:

  • Check that the circuit breaker that supplies the socket where the treadmill is located is connected;
  • Check if the socket where the treadmill is plugged in has power – For example, you can plug other equipment into that outlet to test, or plug the treadmill into another outlet that you are sure is working;
  • Check the treadmill power cord and if it is to be disconnected, check the connection to the treadmill; If you have any doubts, try changing it to the same cable;
  • Check that the main switch of the treadmill is in the “ON” position;
  • Check that the thermal fuse (only on some models) is in the “ON” position;
  • Check that the treadmill has the safety key properly installed;
  • If you have pets with access to the treadmill, check that they may not have pulled any cables from the equipment

To find out more about our technical assistance and to make a request, please visit our Technical Support area.

Note: This service is only available for equipments sold by us and our partners! Learn about other services available for almost all brands: Online Fitness Equipment Analysis  and Workshop Fitness Parts Analysis

At Technologic Ark you will find quality products certainly at competitive prices.

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