What are the advantages of putting coated steel cable in your equipment?

Steel cable with jacket, is any type of steel cable that is coated with some material, normally this material is PVC.

What is it for? Which one should you choose to put on your equipment?

In the following article, find out the advantages of laying pvc coated steel cable and not another.

What is it for?

Coated steel cable has various purposes. It can be used for boats, industrial controls and in fitness equipment among others.
The use of this type of cable provides extra protection for both the cable and the pulleys that are in direct contact.

There are, however, many other types of coating: rope-coated, crystal coated or plasticized galvanised. All of these tend to break and/or tear over time and friction, as they have less resistance to corrosion and consequently less durability.

Why should you opt for a pvc sheathed cable?

  • It is a flexible accessory;
  • It is thermoplastic, that is, subjected to heat, it is soft and can be molded easily. When it cools down, it regains its former solidity without losing its new physiognomy.
  • Workload with a safety factor of 1/5.
  • An appropriate safety factor ensures:
    • Safety in operation,
    • Prevents breakages,
    • Cable durability,
    • Economy.

Checking this accessory, as well as pulleys and terminals, is extremely important, especially for safety reasons.

Weight machines that work with cables and pulleys require frequent and proper preventive maintenance.

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