Technology at the service of fitness

Being in good physical shape, that is, “being fit”, is something that many of us seek daily in order to achieve and maintain a good physical and mental condition.
Physical activity has undergone transformations but has been able to keep up with the new demands of the market. Faced with new opportunities, it has been flexible, innovative and has been able to present new products with an increasingly technological orientation.

The pandemic

The pandemic has accelerated the way technologies have been adopted by people, which for brands has meant a new world of opportunities to use new tools and training. Especially because our routines are getting faster and faster and going back a little is already impossible!

The Routine

The practice of physical exercise has become part of our daily lives, but with our routines increasingly accelerated and social networks prevailing, the benefits and visible results have become a necessary condition, even for people with time constraints.

The Evolution

Fitness and technology are working a perfect marriage. The equipment is increasingly technological and evolved. Advances allow training to become more interesting and interactive and, above all, to make health metrics easier for both professionals and ordinary users.

The variety is great, from simple programs aimed at certain age groups, to rigorous online training, using equipment with “smart” technology and specific applications.

The technology


Nowadays we easily find smart watches that count steps, measure heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, among many other possibilities – wearable technology.


Games, which in the past were synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle, have become a stimulus at home, in gyms and fitness centers. There are games that use PRAMA technology, an interactive system founded in Spain that transforms the training room into an interactive space. The floor and walls are covered with pressure sensors, LED lights and speakers to make the athlete feel like they are in a video game.


The fitness equipments we buy for our homes are increasingly advanced. They are no longer limited to having simple analogue or led consoles. They are devices that allow us to mirror our mobile phones, connecting to today’s world and technical advances. They integrate TV applications, Bluetooth to connect applications, such as Kinomap, ZWIFT among many others.

At home

In our homes and with our equipment we can enjoy online classes. Digital streaming technology provides individual or group exercise programs. These exercises are available 7 days a week and at any time, so it does not limit us and on the contrary invites us to physical activity since the workouts are at our pace and will. And also with the advantage of choosing whether we want live or previously recorded classes.

Fitness is evolving across the board. The examples presented here are indicators that technology has arrived in the fitness world and is here to stay. For those who think that everything is just about exercise and sweating, know that fitness is increasingly resorting to interactivity and the ease that the user has to choose physical activities and their variations. All this without leaving home! – if you wish. Technology at the service of fitness.

A technological world can also be healthy.

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