Electric treadmill motor 180V / 8cm / 26cm

With motor replacement, extend the life of your treadmill. Take a look at the range of our motors and order yours now.


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Electric treadmill motor 180V / 8cm / 26cm

With motor replacement, extend the life of your treadmill. Take a look at the range of our motors and order yours now.


  • Max. Volts : 180V DC
  • Power: 1.25 HP – 2.5 HPP
  • Max. Speed: 4900 rpm

Dimensions (mm):

  • A – Total length = 260;
  • B – Pulley width = 33;
  • C – Inertia wheel width = 28;
  • D – Motor body length = 175;
  • E – Fan width = 23;
  • F – Distance to the 1st hole = 100;
  • G – Distance between holes = 50;
  • H – Pulley diameter = 30;
  • I – Diameter of flywheel = 130;
  • J – Hole diameter = 8;
  • K – Motor diameter = 81;
  • L – Fan diameter = 78;

We can supply original or compatible motors for the main brands of treadmills, such as Technogym, Life Fitness, Precor, Panatta, Salter, Startrac, Matrix, Johnson, Pulse, Circle, Kip Machines, Tunturi, Vision Fitness, Nautilus, SportsArt, Stairmaster, Nordictrack, Platinum, Proform, Reebok, BH, Bodyguard, Bodytone, Cardiozone, Challenger, Cybex, Fitness Gear, Healthrider, Horizon, Kettler, Landice, Pacemaster, Newfit, Doone, Sole, Spirit Fitness, Weslo, Domyos, Full Vision, Health Stream, Merit Fitness, Momentum, Smooth Fitness, True Fitness and many others.

Important Notes:

  • If the hole in the motor does not match the hole in the motor support, you can drill a new hole in the support, or use metal clamps to fix the motor to the support – see available image. The clamps must be tight enough to ensure that the motor does not shift or shake as it moves.
  • If the old motor has thermal protection and the new one does not, you can remove the thermal sensor from the old one and place it on the new one. If the new motor does not have a specific place to mount the sensor, you can wrap the sensor with a heat-shrinkable sleeve and fix it to the outside of the motor with a plastic or metal clamp – see available image. Be careful to ensure that the sensor is not in direct contact with the metal of the motor, and that the clamp is not too tight to avoid damaging the sensor.
  • Normally the existing motor fails as a consequence of another problem that the equipment has, meaning it is important to ensure that the cause of the failure has been resolved before installing the new one. Otherwise, the new motor will break down, just like the old one.
  • For the first few workouts, check the motor temperature every 10 minutes to make sure everything is ok. If it exceeds 45ºC, check the proper lubrication of the deck, the tightness of the drive belt, and the tuning of the running belt. Avoid tightening too much.
  • No warranty or possibility of exchange for overheated/burnt motors. If the motor heats up during practice, stop and look for the reason for the warm-up.
  • It is advisable to read the treadmill manual to perform an automatic speed calibration if possible. On certain treadmills, if this calibration is not performed, the motor or controller board may fail prematurely.
  • All motors are tested by our technical team to ensure they are 100% functional before being shipped to the customer.

Due to its characteristics, this motor is marketed for moderate use, so it can only be used on treadmills for personal use. If it is used on treadmills that are used more intensively, the warranty does not cover any damage that may result.

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