Increase the durability of your treadmill

Small steps can help extend the durability of a treadmill. Especially when the equipment is already a few years old and will probably have already been repaired.

We often get the feeling that a repaired piece of equipment has turned out to be a new piece of equipment. But when we think about it, we realize that only the intervened area can have new parts or components, everything else in the equipment remains the same.

The first idea to keep in mind is that a treadmill is a piece of equipment that wears out in its use. In other words, everything you can do to reduce this wear and tear is important. You can read an article about the maintenance of your treadmill, with some important steps to take.

Even if you keep the treadmill lubricated and clean, there is a procedure that can increase the working time of the treadmill. Climb onto the running belt only when it is already moving and never when it is stationary. It is certainly easy to understand that when we click on “Start” and with all our weight on the running belt, the motor will have to make a HUGE effort to start pulling the running belt, often causing malfunctions in both the motor and the power board. The correct procedure should be:

  1. Get on the treadmill and place your feet on the sides of the treadmill, being careful not to fall to the sides, not to break the side plastics and not to touch the running belt;
  2. Press the “Start” button and adjust the speed to a speed higher than 2 km/h, but not too fast for safety reasons.
  3. Wait for the running belt to start and stabilize the speed;
  4. Now, you can get on the running belt and start your workout, being careful not to fall.

These steps can make all the difference in increasing the durability of your treadmill.

It is important to know that when the motor and controller board are subjected to high loads, even for a moment, there is a chance that they will be damaged. The warranty for parts defects does not cover these cases, as the problem is not with the parts but with the improper use of the parts. For example, a motor that is subjected to a high load can burn out the winding as well as become demagnetized due to heating. If you notice that the motor overheats too much, you should stop training and look for the reason for the overheating.

We’ve included a quick guide that you can print out and place next to your treadmill so you don’t forget these simple steps.

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