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Crossfit Training Guide for beginners

In this article, we present a Crossfit training guide for beginners, as well as the essential equipment for the sport. Overcome yourself with the benefits of this workout! Being fit means being in a good level of physical condition, and we already know that there is nothing better than CrossFit to achieve this goal.

What is Crossfit?

It is a general physical condition and strength training program. It is based on functional movements, which are performed at high intensities and are constantly varied. Normally, the movements fall into three modalities:

  • Olympic weightlifting;
  • Olympic gymnastics;
  • Metabolic training.

It seeks to promote camaraderie, healthy competition, as well as fun in sport, and simultaneously maintain times, schedules and define rules and performance standards. In CrossFit, people know each other very well, they are friends, they support each other and are happy with each other’s results, which is not very common in gyms. The well-being, the company, the competitive spirit of wanting to do more and better than your colleague next door is a great motivational factor, this is the most common thing! Perhaps for this reason, Crossfit is the training method that has grown the most in recent years, as it provides the most complete physiological adaptation possible to its practitioner, regardless of their age or physical level. It aims to develop and improve all our physical abilities, such as:

  • Cardiovascular (respiratory) resistance;
  • Muscular resistance;
  • Strength and flexibility;
  • Precision, power;
  • Agility and balance;
  • Coordination and speed.
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Benefits of CrossFit:

  • Increased strength;
  • Reduction of measures;
  • Fat percentage reduction;
  • Increased muscular resistance;
  • Improved balance;
  • Increased speed;
  • Stress reduction;
    Definition of muscle tone;
  • Improved flexibility;
  • Improvement of cardiovascular capacity;
  • Improved respiratory capacity;
  • Improved running performance;
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Other benefits:

  • Increased self-confidence;
  • Increased body strengthening;
  • Team spirit;
  • Improvement in mental performance;
  • Increased energy;
  • Injury prevention (with the help of qualified professionals);

Fun fact: Athletes never know what type of training they are going to do before entering the Box – the place where CrossFit is practiced.

Crossfit is a very intense workout, so doing it safely is important for the athlete to stay active for longer. In a typical training session in this modality, athletes warm up, then practice the strength training technique or segment and at the end the WOD (workout of the day) – training of the day. The WOD changes from day to day, and includes a mix of functional exercises performed at high intensity for a period that generally varies between 5 to 20 minutes.

Crossfit Essential Equipment:

The main equipment for the practice of Crossfit is the body itself. However, like any other modality, it uses various equipment such as:

equipamentos crossfit

WOD Challenges:

Discover 3 dynamic WOD suitable for beginners, as they combine gymnastics, lifting and physical conditioning techniques. They will certainly be the first of several challenges that you will accept!
Attention: First of all, before starting a WOD, we should always do a good warm-up.

1 – Dumbbell WOD – Complete 5 Rounds per Time

12x Deadlift
9x Hang Power Clean
6x Shoulder to Overhead

2 – WOD with kettlebells – Make the best time

Run 400 m,
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull-ups

3 – WOD with plyometric box – 4 rounds every 2 minutes

10 kettlebell Thrusters (24/16 kg)
12 Pull Ups
10 Plyometric box jump overs

Final Thoughts:

This is, without a doubt, a unique training program, which is based on functional and always varied movements. That guarantees a complete, differentiated, challenging and highly efficient training, and that adapts to the needs and limitations of each athlete, helping them achieve the goals they set for themselves.

It is an excellent preparatory workout for any athlete. And it can be practiced by anyone, including pregnant women, the elderly and children, as long as they are accompanied by qualified professionals.

In CrossFit, when a person lifts weights, they gain strength. When runs, increases his cardiovascular performance. When does gymnastics movements, improves motor coordination, balance and muscular resistence.

Certainly, this topic is not exhausted in this article. This is undoubtedly a topic that allows many questions to be formulated not only from a technical/material point of view but also from the athlete’s health point of view. Therefore, we suggest that you keep an eye on the next articles, as we will surely return to it, but in a different approach. At the same time, we suggest you consult the articles of our partner Main Pulse, which may also have topics with useful and interesting information.

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